Unquiet Voices: Cultural Experiences Related to the Pursuit of Tenure and Promotion

Amitra Wall and Myrtle Welch (eds)

Published by World Universities Forum, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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This book, a product of over five years of writing and research, is designed to be a conversation starter. While people’s experiences with the tenure and promotion process are documented, less attention is given to women of color. Intellectual discourse is needed to address stratification in the academy. Five women of African descent amalgamate their voices about their cultural experiences concerning the tenure and promotion process. Through a narrative research approach, these professors describe, through themes, the impact that gender, age, race, and ethnicity had on their pursuit of tenure and promotion. The disclosure of successes and disappointments provides a framework for administrators, faculty, staff, and students to understand reality in the academy. Understanding leads to speaking up and speaking out. The stories embedded in Unquiet Voices in the Academy are packed with professorial tools to be used in the academy.

Keywords: University, Teaching, Promotion

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 6.323MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by World Universities Forum, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Dr. Amitra Wall

Assistant Dean, Associate Professor, Intellectual Foundations and First-ear Programs, Sociology, SUNY Buffalo State, Buffalo, NY, USA

Dr. Wall is assistant dean of intellectual foundations and first-year programs and associate professor of sociology at SUNY Buffalo State. Her love for first-year students is evident by her research and service activities. Her publications are related to social stratification, teaching and learning, and first-year success.

Dr. Myrtle Welch

Assistant Professor, School of Education, Social and Psychological Foundations of Education, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY, USA

Dr. Welch founded and still manages MIB Institute, a non-profit tutoring and counseling service created as a result of her outreach to help learners with studying to pass state exams. She has written extensively on educational and community settings in the United States, South Africa, and Uganda. Her publications cast a framework for teaching students who are challenged by texts.